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Still You Slumber by DarklordIIID
Still You Slumber
Those who've played Wind Waker will know this one, at least hopefully. After Tetra is revealed to be Zelda, Ganon captures her and takes her to the proverbial tower, and on we go with the standard story.

Not sure why, but I got the idea to translate this into a more HD version with the Twilight Princess models. I'm just not a fan of the cell shaded style of Wind Waker, though it's much much easier on the eyes in the Wii U version (less saturation in the colors, sharper graphics in general.) Wind Waker was my first Zelda game, I played it shortly before Twilight Princess during the months it kept getting delayed. :)

Thanks for looking!


Zelda, Ganon - © Nintendo
Between big time other commitments and a genuine vacation I'll be gone for another couple weeks. Sorry! Promise I have good stuff coming. Just didn't want my page rotting away here. :)
Bed and Breakfast

Inspired by:

Feather chain redraw... by Filiana

This piece features one of my favorite and I think most under appreciated characters in the Zelda games: Ilia from Twilight Princess.

This is another collaboration piece with the wife; again I built the 3D stuff, rendered it, and she took over with her (always) gorgeous post work. I love the soft diffuse glow in these, something I can’t ever seem to get right, hehe.

Thanks for looking!


© Ilia - Nintendo

Characters depicted age 18+.

So I've thought it over. The more artists I see moving to Patreon and basically abandoning their free accounts strikes me as shitty. I got into this to make cool stuff for you guys, not to make money. I make enough off of commissions to pay for hardware and then some and frankly, I'm not hurting for money right now so I think moving there is a stupid idea.

So here's my new plan: I'm working on a new website to act as a dedicated hub for my artwork moving forward. I've found a reliable host that doesn't have issues with my content, and I'm building the website now. No membership required, no facebook login bullshit. It'l have a donation form for those who do feel like kicking me a few bucks but it will be strictly voluntary and not shoved in your face every time you click a link.

  • Free download of full size renderings of my artwork. At the moment I'm outputting stuff in 5K (excluding portrait shots where its kind of a crapshoot on what size I go with). 
  • Special page to submit and upvote/downvote suggestions. I'm thinking maybe 10 or so ideas at a time, either ones I've come up with or ones submitted by fans. Ones most upvoted will be made first.
  • Maybe a comments system? I don't know just because between this and Tumblr ya'll have a ton of ways to get into contact with me so I don't know if you really need another.
  • NO ADS. Any decent provider isn't going to be willing to advertise next to my artwork anyway so who gives a shit. As long as guys stroke my ego occasionally with favs and comments, I'm ok. :)
Any thoughts?

Would you support this?… 

19 deviants said Would, but I'm broke (I get that.)
8 deviants said Probably not.
3 deviants said Heck yea!
3 deviants said Other? (Not sure what else there would be, but hey)


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United States
Howdy thar. :icontarddanceplz:

My name is Michael, I've been a freelance graphic artist for about 10 years, working various projects for various people. I found DeviantArt, and then DeviantArt found love for me, in :iconliquidfire3:, whom I am now spending my life with.

Thanks for visiting!

Current Residence: De Pere, WI
Favourite genre of music: Alt. Rock
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
MP3 player of choice: Sandisk Sansa e280
Wallpaper of choice: The Love of my Life
Favourite cartoon character: Bender
Personal Quote: "If brute force isn't working, you're not using enough."


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E-Pluribus-Eunuch Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Student General Artist
I look around and see you don't post model releases. The hell, man.
This is probably going to come off as a bit rude, so apologies. It's just that I've spent uncountable days hunting for models for things that nobody ever bothers with, and the only ones I find, the author refuses to release. This is just the icing on the frustration-cake for me.

If you really don't want other people to make garbage out of them, you could release some of the models for "just messing around" with a caveat that others cannot use said models in their own works without prior permission. "Terms of Use". It won't STOP people, but it'll trim some of them out, and other users who recognized your work could then call them out on it.
DarklordIIID Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015
You don't think I have those same frustrations? It took months for me to find a rip of ANY Brawl models of usable quality. After that, it's several days worth of reverse and re-engineering to make them work in my 3D app. After that, then I have to actually come up with the poses and post what you see here. Any given picture is the culmination of weeks worth of effort, and the constant frustration you're complaining about here over the course of many, many years.

For the record, I don't distribute my highly modified models, no, but I regularly send out the harder to find raw ones I've found elsewhere. I would've happily done so for you too until you elected to, instead of sending me a note with an email address respectfully requesting a few of those harder to find ones, you decided to post a two paragraph rant on my profile shouting me down for refusing to give away my hard work because...logic?

As to your idea of controlled distribution, I can't even stop people from stealing my artwork, what in the world could I hope to do to stop people using the models? As I said above I have no issue helping out fellow creators by sending them the crap that I had to start with, that's fine, it's not mine to pretend ownership of and I accept that. The only ones I deadpan refuse to redistribute are the nudes and various custom ones unless I'm talking to someone I know and trust.

So you've simultaneously managed to reinforce my policy of non-distribution while earning yourself a permanent seat on my blacklist for distribution, which by the way now has only one member, you. And you did this whining on my page about stresses and frustrations I know all too well, only instead of bitching on other deviant's pages about it, I was out there eye-scanning seedy ass websites until the wee hours of the morning tracking them down. Good job.
Bengtzone Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015
What do you think of the art design known as TimmStyle?
DarklordIIID Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015
On the real: Who are you? Occasionally you post random crap on my mature works, and now you're on my page asking about art styles when you know damn well I've barely ever drawn.

Why don't you find something to do?
Filiana Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Thank you for the fave :la:
DarklordIIID Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
The remake is coming... :D
Filiana Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015
Yay :eager:
Andruril93 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, dude.  Not to interrupt or anything, but have you forgotten about my "won request"?

Like, on your Midna piece Twilight Beauty V2, you asked a question about where the background came from.  I answered it right, and you accepted a request I sent in a note.

Did you forget about it?
DarklordIIID Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
...yes. :blush:

I also can't find the note. Mind re-sending? :lol: Sorry.
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